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February 22 (2012)   “HayPost Marathon-2011”: Results

The national postal operator sums up “HayPost Marathon-2011” and presents to public main figures on the work done and the achievements reached over 2011.

In 2011 the trust manager company of “HayPost” CJSC, “HayPost Trust Management”, went along with the new phase of modernization of the official national postal operator of the Republic of Armenia. It is a complex project aimed at the quality improvement of rendered services and organization of working process. It includes structural reforms of the organization, improvement of facility conditions, technical equipments, etc.

The most wide-ranging work completed within “Marathon-2011” is renovation, in some cases reconstruction, of 50 post offices.

In addition to the renovation itself, working standards has been changed; new computers equipped with modern software have been set up, cable system as well infrastructures are renewed.

In the renovated post offices the visitors can find an internet corner, facsimile connection; it is possible to carry out copying, printing right in the post office.

38 of renovated 50 post offices have been reopened in marzes. They are completely equal to the post offices reopened in the capital city. “HayPost” aims to make available to different communities of Armenia the same postal, financial and commercial services offered by the postal operator which are used by the residents of the capital city.

In 2011, at the initiative of RA Ministry of Transport and Communication, Regional Department of the International Telecommunications Union of CIS countries (ITU) and together with UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies “HayPost” opened an internet center for visually impaired people. The hall was improved and provided by “HayPost’ CJSC. The postal operator took care of the renovation of the area; completely changed the infrastructure of that part of the building, and organized air-conditioning in order the visitors can properly use the services of the center.

Over 2011, 679 persons have been employed, mail volume has been increased up to 28%, 35 postal stamps have been put it circulation, new cars have been purchased, new computer appliances have been acquired, etc.

In sum, with “HayPost Marathon-2011” HayPost made 1.4 billion drams of investments and gained 1.4 billion drams of profit.

According to the project of “HayPost Trust Management” it is planned to increase the number of renovated post offices, and to augment the variety of commercial services in line with the modern postal tendencies.


HayPost CJSC is the official national postal operator of the Republic of Armenia which provides postal, payment and retail services. Haypost currently operates through 900 of its postal offices across Armenia, from urban to the most remote rural regions.



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