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Sometimes you have only one chance to be heard, so you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd!
Direct Mail is a quick and effective way of reaching new and existing customers.
"HayPost" CJSC, the National Postal Operator of the Republic of Armenia, introduces Direct Mail service. Direct Mailing allows you to deliver bank statements (regular billings and plastic cards) to your customers, to arrange enveloping and posting of other printed materials as well as to present your product or service to your potential customers by distribution of advertising/promotional and information materials securely and reliably at the earliest possible date. The delivery is made within the Republic of Armenia via more than 900 Post Offices.
We can help companies to manage their data, direct mail and customer relationships. Our services are designed to help businesses cut costs, save time, and gain maximum value from their mailings - so they can find and retain loyal and profitable customers.

Unaddressed Mail Service - A simple and reliable service to distribute unaddressed posted information and promotional materials which are not intended for specified addressees and the contents are permitted by current laws, good morals and derive from the HayPost’s business interests. Such materials can be delivered to letter boxes, delivery boxes of homes, businesses, offices and institutions or P.O. boxes in the whole Republic of Armenia. It is the ideal communication medium when you need to communicate with prospective customers, but do not have their name and address, or when you need to communicate with customers in a specific geographical area, at a low cost.
Use HayPost Unaddressed Mail Service to target specific geographic areas and include a special offer to encourage consumers to provide their details, which you can use for Direct Mail campaigns!

What can you post?

- Unfolded documents (bank statements, notifications, annual reports)

- Information materials ( bulletins, information leaflets)

- Promotional leaflets of individuals, non-profit organizations, political parties and movements, advertising papers, catalogues

- Political use (to gain votes and target certain groups of voters)

- Business-to-business (business products and services to promote themselves)

Your Benefits

- Favorable price - the most efficient unaddressed delivery to customers

- Distribution time - according to the customer’s requirements and wishes

- Target groups – information leaflet distribution is carried out in the areas that selected to meet the customer’s needs

High quality, fast and reliable full service from a single source

- Attractive rates

- Large number of additional special services (automated folding, enveloping of the delivery item, printing of addresses and logotype, sorting and provision of addresses from HayPost customer database).

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