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Vardenis ridge is located in the Armenian Highland. It joins perpendicularly to Geghama range, then surrounds lake Sevan from South-Eastern side. Highest point - Mount Vardenis 3522 m.

Business services Retail services
Retail services

Besides traditional postal services, Haypost also provides a significant range of retail products. We aim to create addittional reasons for our consumers to visit our postal offices by ensuring

  • Highly competitive product categories
  • Highly competitive prices for all the range of goods
  • No out of stock

We are kindly asking to contact us for any information or proposal regarding products quality, price or other issue.

Our Coverage

Retail services are available in all cities and villages of the Republic of Armenia.

This fact underlines the importance and uniqueness of retail services provided within Republic of Armenia.

Due to its largest postal network the commercial services of "HayPost" CJSC are available in all cities and villages of the Republic of Armenia.

In fact, Haypost is the biggest retail sales network in Armenia!

Range of products

We are offering different types of products with acceptable quality and highly competitive prices

  • Periodical editions (daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, crosswords etc)
  • Books
  • Mobile phone numbers and loading cards
  • Postal products (envelopes, greeting cards, boxes)
  • Stationery
  • Household goods
  • Food
  • Lottery tickets
  • Internet, Fax, Copy, Scan services

For Suppliers

"HayPost" CJSC is glad to invite suppliers for cooperation.

We are acting according to the «Agent assignment agreement» which is a state approved contract type. Agreement sample.

The following information and documents are necessary to provide to sign a Contract with HayPost:

  • Application form
  • State register certificate
  • Passport of owner
  • Bank account data
  • Charter
  • Tax code
  • Phone number
  • Sample of a product

What can supplier obtain through the cooperation?

Distribution to about 900 "HayPost" CJSC post offices operating all over the Republic of Armenia.

  • About 900 additional points of sales of your products all over Armenia
  • No distribution costs
  • Access to even very remote and laborious regions of Armenia
  • No visibility, listing or other types of additional payments
  • Cooperation with reliable partner, no business risks

Market leaders cooperates with us!

Our further steps

In the near future "HayPost" CJSC is planning to expand the list of retail products by offering a wider range of competitive products to our consumers visiting "HayPost" CJSC post offices.

We appreciate your confidence

Contact us:

For additional information or your suggestions please call us at the following telephone numbers:

+374 10 514 593, +374 10 514 514, +374 95 984 006 or send an e-mail to the following address: [email protected]