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The Republic Square (Armenian: Հանրապետության հրապարակ Hanrapetu'tyan Hraparak) is the large central town square in Yerevan, The square was designed by architect Alexander Tamanian within the 1924 main plan of Yerevan city. 

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200th anniversary of Mkrtich Emin

200th anniversary of Mkrtich Emin

On 30 December 2015 a postcard with 1 postage stamp dedicated to the theme “200th anniversary of Mkrtich Emin”, an Armenian writer, was put into circulation.

The postage stamp of the postcard depicts Mkrtich Emin in a styled frame, and the bottom left corner of the postcard depicts his graphically-made image against the background of his works.

The materials were provided by the Charents Museum of Art and Literature of the Republic of Armenia.

Date of issue: December 30, 2015

Design: Vahagn Mkrtchyan

Printing house: AMPG Group

Stamp size: 25,0 x 35,0 mm

Postcard size: 150,0 x 110,0 mm

Print run: 500