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Vardenis ridge is located in the Armenian Highland. It joins perpendicularly to Geghama range, then surrounds lake Sevan from South-Eastern side. Highest point - Mount Vardenis 3522 m.

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Sights of Armenia

Sights of Armenia

In 2015 on December 30h, a postcard with 1 stamp dedicated to the theme “Sights of Armenia” was put into circulation.

The stamp of the postcard depicts Garni Canyon and the left corner depicts Garni Crater which is situated on Planet Mars and which was named “Garni” in honor of the Armenian village of Garni on April 24th, 2015.

Date of issue: December 30, 2015

Design: Vahagn Mkrtchyan

Printing house: AMPG Group

Stamp size: 35,0 x 25,0 mm

Postcard size: 150,0 x 110,0 mm

Print run: 500