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Collection of applications for issue of references about the marital status

53 Post Offices of HayPost CJSC provide the state services offered at the united offices, including the collection of applications for issue of “References about the marital status”.

What documents are required?

In case the documents are submitted in-person:

1. If the citizen has never been married

  • identification document

2. If the citizen has been married before:

  • identification document
  • certificate of divorce (issued to the applicant)
    • either a corresponding reference about the divorce issued by the Civil Acts Registration Office;
    • or the Court’s decision on annulling the marriage

3. If the citizen is widow:

  • identification document
  • marriage certificate or corresponding reference about the inscription of the marriage issued by the Civil Acts Registration Office
  • and death certificate of the spouse or corresponding reference about the registration of decease.

In case the documents are submitted by attorney:

  • copy of the identification document of the applicant (principal)
  • attorney’s identification document
  • original power of attorney
  • original declaration (ratified by notary)

The attorney shall present as well the documents required by the points 2 and 3 above in cases of divorce and spouse decease.

The power of attorney may have a free written form, notary’s ratification is not compulsory.

The declaration must be ratified by notary.

The declaration shall have the text presented below:



(name, surname, patronymic, identification document number)

declare that I am not married. I understand the responsibility envisaged by the Article 169 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia and the circumstances that may suppose impediment for the registration of the marriage, envisaged by the Family Code of the Republic of Armenia.

At the same time, I entitle


(name, surname, patronymic, identification document number)

to receive the reference about my marital status.

____ _______ 20__ ________________ (signature)

The declaration text must contain only the data of the person whom it is issued for.

In how many days is the reference provided?

Reference about the marital status



1. Deadline of the reference preparation by the Ministry

8 days*

8 days*

2. Apostille

3 days*

3 days*

3. Postal delivery to the client

1 day*

3 days*

Approximate deadline of reference delivery

12 days*

14 days*

* working days

Service value:

Reference about the marital status

State duty

1,200 AMD

HayPost commission

1,500 AMD

For bilingual reference

5,200 AMD

For apostille

5,200 AMD

For issue in shorter period

2 working days: 12,200 AMD

3 working days: 8,200 AMD

4-5 working days: 5,200 AMD

If the citizen has no domicile in the RA or the domicile registration was suspended

15,200 AMD

Below is the list of the Post Offices that provide state services:

Region P/O Index Address
Yerevan 0001 Nalbandyan 21
Yerevan 0002 Saryan 22
Yerevan 0005 Artsakh 4
Yerevan 0010 Nalbandyan 28
Yerevan 0012 Komitas 19
Yerevan 0014 Shirvanzade 2
Yerevan 0017 Sari Tagh, 7th street, 86
Yerevan 0018 Tigran Mets 36
Yerevan 0033 Siamanto 1
Yerevan 0034 H. Svatchyan 32
Yerevan 0039 Bagratunyats 7
Yerevan 0042 "Zvartnots" Airport
Yerevan 0046 Bagratunyats 22/2
Yerevan 0051 Komitas 41
Yerevan 0054 Tigran Petrosyan 17/6
Yerevan 0056 Nork 1st massive, Nansen 10
Yerevan 0062 Nork 2nd massive, Totovents lane 3
Yerevan 0065 Sebastia 27, 4/3
Yerevan 0069 Dro 15
Yerevan 0078 Margaryan 16
Byurakan 0213 Byurakan village, 1st street, 41
Karbi 0214 Karbi village, 4th street, 5
Kosh 0215 Kosh village, 1st street, 4
Mastara 0511 Mastara city, 4th street, 5
Armash 0624 Hanrapetutyan 36
Armavir 01 0901 Armavir city, Hanrapetutyan 30
Metsamor 0910 Metsamor, 1st district, 2
Mrgashat 0934 Mrgashat village, 4th street, 4
Vagharshapat 1101 Ejmiatsin city, M. Mashtots 2
Zvartnots 1109 Ejmiatsin city, Kirov 38/1
Gavar 1201 Gavar city, Central Square, 1/1
Sarukhan 1214 Sarukhan village, Hernik Abrahamyan street
Sevan 1501 Sevan city, Nairyan 137
Tsovagyugh 1512 Tsovagyugh village, 1st street, 28
Alaverdi 1701 Alaverdi city, Marx 2
Stepanavan 1901 Stepanavan city, Million 5
Vanadzor 2022 Vanadzor city, Gr. Lusavorich 16
Abovyan 06 2206 Abovyan city, 4th microdistrict, 18
Garni 2215 Garni village, Alekyan street
Kamaris 2221 Kamaris village
Hrazdan 2301 Hrazdan city, General Andranik Ave. 3
Tsaghkadzor 2310 Tsaghkadzor city, Grigor Magister 4
Kasakh 2415 Kasakh village, Vazgen Sargsyan 1
Gyumri 3104 N. Ryzhkov street, 5
Goris 3201 Goris city, Ankakhutyan 19
Kapan 3307 Kapan city, Baghaberd district, 1/1
Meghri 3401 Meghri city, Melik Ohanjanyan street 1
Yeghegnadzor 3601 Yeghegnadzor city, Shahumyan 3
Vayk 3801 Vayk city, Jermuk highway 12
Haghartzin 3908 Haghartzin village, 1st street, 56
Ijevan 4001 Ijevan city, Yerevanyan 10
Noyemberyan 4101 Noyemberyan city, Pahatsoyagortsner street, 3
Berd 4201 Berd city, Mashtots 29