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Vardenis ridge is located in the Armenian Highland. It joins perpendicularly to Geghama range, then surrounds lake Sevan from South-Eastern side. Highest point - Mount Vardenis 3522 m.

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Yuri Oganessian

Yuri Oganessian

On December 28th, 2017, a postage stamp dedicated to the theme “Yuri Oganessian” is put into circulation.

The left part of the postage stamp depicts the world-renowned physics of the Armenian origin, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Russia Yuri Oganessian, and the right part of the postage stamp depicts the 118th new chemical element of Mendeleev’s periodic table, discovered by Y. Oganessian and named “oganesson” (Og) after the great Armenian scientist.

Date of issue: December 28, 2017

Designer: Vahagn Mkrtchyan

Printing house: Cartor, France

Size: 50,0 x 40,0 mm

Print run: 40 000 pcs