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The Republic Square (Armenian: Հանրապետության հրապարակ Hanrapetu'tyan Hraparak) is the large central town square in Yerevan, The square was designed by architect Alexander Tamanian within the 1924 main plan of Yerevan city. 

Haypost initiates the test of the electronic system for pension payments

Haypost initiates the test of the electronic system for pension  payments

"Haypost" CJSC launches a new pilot program of an electronic system for pension payments with the support of the Ministry of Labor and Social Issues of the Republic of Armenia. The new program is an important part of the digitalization and modernization process of the company's services.

It envisages to introduce a new system of pension payments by applying electronic devices, which will drastically change the paper-based payment system used before. The electronic innovation will give the possibility to adjust the quality of the service to international standards, improving the field's control quality and reducing the current risks.

Postmen are expected to apply electronic devices (tablets) which will be used to enter the information concerning the payments made at the pensioner's residence into the online system, including the precise hour of payment, the place where the payment was executed, and other necessary data.

The pilot project will be launched at the post offices of Avan administrative district, Yerevan city.

Referring to the program, the Acting CEO of "Haypost" CJSC Hayk Karapetyan mentioned: "This is the launch of a pilot project. After a successful trial it will be introduced in the whole network, including other services as well. A very relevant component of the program is the training of Hayost's employees: we prioritize the opportunities of professional growth and promotion for our employees, without any age restrictions. I am sure that this will sharply increase the quality of services of Haypost".

"Haypost" has already started the training of postmen with the respective e-devices. The functions of the electronic service are periodically tested and simulations of the system's exploitation by postmen are carried out.

"Haypost" CJSC

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