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The Opera House in Armenia boasts a tradition of centuries; its foundation and the first period of activity in Yerevan go back to the second half of the 19th century.

New Hybrid Mail service by Haypost will save the funds of the state authorities

New Hybrid Mail service by Haypost will save the funds of the state authorities
New "Hybrid Mail" system was introduced by "Haypost" CJSC jointly with a number of state authorities, being operated for the first time with the Judicial Acts Compulsory Enforcement Service at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia. Hybrid Mail system combines the electronic and paper-based versions of the same mail, ensuring a greater comfort, speed and, most importantly, optimization of costs and saved resources.

How new Hybrid Mail system works

The letter is being sent in electronic format to Haypost, where it is being printed and enveloped by means of special equipment, reducing to a minimum the human labor involved and optimizing the expenses of the state department from where the letter is sent. The equipment issues around 10.000 letters per day. The process is carried out at a special designated location of the Post Sorting and Exchange Center, equipped with a video-control system. The service is carried out under full confidentiality.

Haypost envisages to operate such sorting centers in the regions as well, which will allow converting the e-mail addressed to the specific region into a paper letter in the same region, saving the time needed to deliver a physical letter from the capital to the region. Referring to the advantages of the service, the CEO of "Haypost" CJSC Hayk Karapetyan mentioned: "The introduction of this system is a part of the digitalization and modernization process of the services offered by our company. Our main goal has been the automation of work for state departments and optimization of financial costs, alongside with a higher speed of operation. The process which used to take 4-5 days in Yerevan city has been reduced thanks to Hybrid Mail to 1 day, and to 4 days instead of 7 days in the regions."

The users of Hybrid Mail service will have the possibility to follow the track of the item via a free online software, as well as to receive fast information concerning the delivery/unsuccessful trial thereof.
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