Track and trace

The Lake Sevan is the largest lake in Armenia and the Caucasus region. It is one of the largest fresh-water high-altitude lakes in the world.

On July 29th 2014, 5 stamps have been cancelled
On July 29th 2014, 5 stamps have been put into circulation.
“HayPost” was awarded by the Police
“HayPost” CJSC was awarded with a medal “For Cooperation Reinforcement”.
Armenian History. Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia
In 2014 on July 4th, 3 stamps dedicated to the theme “Armenian History. Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia” have been put into circulation. The stamps depict 3 sea fortresses of Cilicia: Ayas, Korikos and Anamur.
«Haypost» puts into operation 49 new vehicles
President President of theRepublicofArmenia Serzh Sargsyanduring hisYerevanvisit on 14th of June was introduced to new cars acquired for development of HayPost logistic system. President was also introduced to Haypost modernization and development process.
Europa 2014. National musical instruments
Two stamps dedicated to the theme “Europa 2014. National musical instruments” will be put into circulation On May 24th. This event is organized within the framework of activities dedicated to European Day.
New stamps dedicated to legendary Armenian intelligence officers
In 2014 on May 20th the souvenir sheet with 1 stamp and 4 stamps dedicated to the theme "Armenian Trace in Secret Service" have been put into circulation.
New set of stamps - Armenian alphabet
A new series of stamps, featuring letters of the Armenian alphabet , has been published.
Tender announcement
"Haypost" CJSC announces the tender for the organization of cleaning services in the post offices and branches.
Tender announcement
Hay Post" CJSC announces the competition for the installation of GAS FM200 fire protection system in the training center server room.
Tender announcement
"Haypost" CJSC announces tender to purchase computer and network products.